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What kind of Pandora jewelry charm does have

Pandora (Greek: Pandora, PI alpha Delta V alpha rho, also translated as Pandora) is the first woman in Greek mythology Cohim phaestus with clay, as punishment for
stealing fire Plo Michel J, the first woman to man. The gift of the gods made her own

More attractive gift: Vulcan Hephaestus made a gorgeous gold gown for her love;
Venus gave her charming and tempting the strength of a man; footed messenger Hermes taught her verbal skills. The gods each gave her a gift, but one of them was

She refused to give her wisdom, so Pandora’s actions were all without thinking.

Pandora (Pandora jewelry), by Per Hussein Fa Andersson goldsmith (Per
Enevoldsen) and his wife Winnie (Winnie) was founded in Denmark in 1982 Copenhagen.

Pandora in 2000 launched a bracelet popular, to help women achieve a good effect of
the crowd conspicuous, let them through the “design” of their jewelry, to express their individuality.

The wonderful combination of every bead can become a personality
story. This idea provides an excellent opportunity for consumers around the world to integrate jewelry into personal stories, presenting this important and memorable
occasion in this innovative way.

A good mood, a bad mood! A festival in the year, the birth of a day, a string of beads made up of a string of things that only they
know, happy or sad!

Ron Frandsen then said: “Pandora customers collect many different styles of Pandora collocation to their original jewelry, it can be your unique
family of the collocation of antique jewelry, modern jewelry and fashion style collocation can also be.”

So get a bunch of Jiabao in a hurry. Ha-ha